Upon request Osmo Polyx®-Oil is also available in transparent colour shades. It is supplied in 25 kg containers, other sizes are upon request.   
     For the necessary dispersion of the Osmo Polyx®-Oil Base Coat on profiled or brushed surfaces we recommend
the use of the patented brushing machine (ROOS 1300) developed by QuickWood.
Hardwax-Oil for industrial applications

Product description

Fields of application

Osmo has gathered over 25 years of experience in development and production of high-quality finishing materials, specially designed for solid wood, engineered flooring and machined profiles as well as for cork surfaces.


Osmo’s products are well known world wide for their high quality and ease of application. Osmo Polyx®-Oil-Systems are manufactured colourless (natural) or tinted, according to customer requirements. Because of the ease of application it is suitable for finishing flooring boards, panelling, furniture and other special applications.

Like all Osmo oil products, the Polyx®-Oil-Products are based on naturally produced vegetable oils and waxes (e.g. sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil,
carnauba wax, candelilla wax). All Osmo products undergo rigorous testing in the laboratories. The materials fulfil all up-to-date ecological requirements (VOC-regulation etc.). The Osmo Polyx®-Oil-Systems do not contain any organic solvents or water. Precise description of application techniques for safe production conditions is most important for high quality standards. Therefore this is an integral part of Osmo Polyx®-Oil-Systems. The finished surface has a high chemical and physical resistance.

The Osmo Polyx®-Oil-System can be applied by various methods (roller coater, spraying cabinet), which are common in surface finishing technologies. For dispersing the applied oil on the wooden sub-strate a special brushing machine developed and patented by Osmo and QuickWood can be used.
A complete finishing line has a total length ranging from 12 – 20m, no convection heaters are needed. The product is cured by UV-rays in seconds. The usual belt speed is up to 15 m/min., total application amount of the oil amounts to not more than 12 – 20 g/m2. General application of Osmo Polyx®-Oil is technically simple for the personnel in charge and can be adjusted to present finishing lines with minimum capital expenditure.

  • Osmo Polyx®-Oil Base Coat: ca. 8–15 g/m2
  • Osmo Polyx®-Oil Top-Coat: ca. 4–6 g/m2

The advantages

Polyx®-Oil treated surfaces:
  • uniquely aesthetic surface
  • completely ecological
  • open porous, meeting the requirements of wood
  • natural surface characteristics
  • outstanding chemical and physical resistance
    according to EN 12720 (former DIN 68861 1C)
  • no emissions
  • outperforms the requirements of furniture standard
    RAL RG 430

Application of the Polyx®-Oil-Systems:

  • free from organic solvents (VOC-regulation) and water
  • very economic (< 20 g/m2)
  • short, economic application line
  • no convection heaters needed
  • high belt speed (up to 15 m/min.)
  • products are ready for stacking and packaging immediately
  • simple maintenance of application equipment
Compatibility with other Osmo products
For cleaning, maintenance and repairing of Osmo Polyx®-Oil surfaces the Osmo DIY-products are all compatible and readily available. For cleaning and maintenance we recommend Osmo Wash and Care floor cleaner and Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. Repairs can be undertaken using Osmo DIY Hardwax Oil.

Three strong partners.
The companies Osmo (paints and oils), QuickWood (machinery) and Wistoba (dispersing brushes) have developed an application system, which is unique to the market up to now. The combined know-how of the individual partners results in an ecological and economical finishing of valuable wood substrates on an industrial scale with the Osmo oil products.


Technical Data

Topic Standards/Regulations Results
hazardous components EU requirements no labelling
transport regulations ADR, RID, IMDG, ICAO-IC no regulation limits
solvents EU VOC-directive solvent free
VOC emissions DIN 55649 very low emissions
physiological aspects DIN 53160 fast to perspiration and saliva
physiological aspects DIN EN 71 suitable for children’s toys
UV stability DIN 54004 no change of colour
resistance against cold liquids DIN 68861-1C high resistance
resistance against cold liquids EN 12720 high resistance
resistance against cold liquids ISO 4211 high resistance
resistance against warm moisture EN 12721 high resistance
flammability DIN 4102 normal flammable, class B2
spontaneous ignition Institute Hennige no spontaneous ignition
VOC-emission, incl. Formaldehyde RAL furniture norm RG 430 fulfilled
Open porous microscopy fulfilled

Osmo technical service
All Osmo Color systems have been tested in Osmo’s own technical application centre prior to being sold to the customer. Experienced colour chemists and application engineers will be at your disposal for demonstration purposes, for teaching your staff and for setting up your finishing line.