...opaque decor wax

  • interior use
  • finishing, slightly shiny
  • 2 coats
  • water-repellent and dirt-resistant
  • recommended for moist rooms, for wooden ceilings, and for furniture in kitchens and bathrooms
  • 1 l. covers approx. 12qm with 2 coatings.

Osmo Opaque Decor Wax is a coat specially developed for a modern, colour-oriented wooden interior design. It preserves the natural characteristics of wood, is water-repellent, wiping-proof, and robust against household chemicals.

The Decor Wax is, due to its thixotrope quality, easy to apply. It is ideally suited for all indoor wood, particularly in children rooms. No grounding is needed when applied to flake-boards.

Recommendation: When colour is applied to wooden floors a finishing with OSMO Hardwax-oil is recommended to protect the colour pigments.

2101 Colourless 3115 Light Grey 3116 Milk-of-Lime
3124 Yellow 3126 Light Beige 3133 Red
3134 Apricot 3140 Green 3141 Mint
3152 Blue 3165 Brown 3170 Black